Home Appraisal Estimate

Getting a home appraisal estimate is very important if you are buying or selling a home.  If you plan on buying a home you need to have a quick home value estimate to help you know if the home you are interested in is really worth the asking price.

Many times the seller just priced the home for what they believed it was worth hoping that someone would pay the price that the home was listed for.  You need to arm yourself with the real value of the home and then negotiate the price.

If you are selling your home you need to price your home properly.  Not all real estate agents will price your home at the right level.  I recommend using an estimate from your real estate agent, and free online home appraisal quote websites like HomeGain.  Then average the two and then take 2% off of the final price.  This will help your home get the foot traffic and bring in more offers.  The more offers you have the more likely you will get offers above what you originally priced it at.  


Getting a home appraisal estimate is easy, fast and free at HomeGain.  You can get an appraisal within the next 60 seconds.  Just enter your address and a little bit of info about your home and press the button.  In a few seconds you will have a reasonable estimate of the value of your home.   

You can also have real estate agents bid for your business if you are selling or buying.  Get real estate agents to bid for your business today by clicking here.


Home Appraisal Estimate